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Our Vision

By encouraging adventurous travelers on one-of-a-kind cultural experiences that support local economies


Imagine the authenticity of your dollar, creating a thriving economy for a local community that is giving you the actual cultural experience that you flew to the country for.


Imagine having a cultural conversation with a local person, (not the concierge in your hotel) but a real genuine exchange with a person from the country you are visiting that values your safety and believes in sustainability.


You don’t have to imagine it, because we’ve created it and it’s called


Our Story

Providing elevated travel and cultural experiences

Have you ever booked overpriced vacations, experienced the main attractions, yet felt the experience was still underwhelming? Do you want to experience the country’s true culture but don’t know where to look?

EN-NOBLE helps you solve both those problems. We built partnerships with local communities around the world to offer you the subcultural experiences that larger tourism companies wouldn’t offer, and make your travel experience as authentic as it can possibly be.

I have experienced this myself, and it all started when I attended an international school where I visited a different country every year to learn its history, language, and culture. Soon after, I moved to the village of Positano on Italy’s Amalfi Coast for work. At one point during my stay, I was headed to Munich, Germany for Oktoberfest, but I needed a place to do my hair. I tried looking for African beauty salons online, but couldn’t find any in Rome or Italy.


I hopped on a bus headed towards Roma Termini and got off with a black female. I followed her until I asked if she could help me find the closest African beauty salon. Turns out, she was Nigerian-Italian and a native of Rome.

She walked me to a Nigerian-Italian hair salon and barber shop in a basement packed with Africans from the global diaspora and, of course, a Nigerian grandmother selling fufu and other Nigerian foods. Discovering this salon brought immense joy and felt like I was back in New York City again.

At that moment, I realized that I can bring the same joy and experience that the salon brought me to other travelers looking for services and attractions that can’t be found online.

Thus, EN-NOBLE was born with the mission to give travelers authentic subcultural experiences that countries have to offer while amplifying the voices of subcultures of communities globally.

If that sounds like something you’re looking for and would like to experience for yourself, then let us help you book a trip where you’ll experience the hidden gems and cultures your destination has to offer. 

Respectfully yours,


Topaz Smith, Founder and CEO of EN-NOBLE

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