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Enjoy the gust of sea breeze on green terraces sparkled with pink and red flowers, in a hammock stretched between palm trees or on a boat sailing through turquoise waters. Inhale Earth’s raw incense, exhale all worries.

Cabo Verde’s varying landscapes of white-sanded beaches, desert dunes, volcanic geological features, mountains, and forest cover translates to a range of culturally immersive experiences to uncover. 

Beach Time
Seafood Marinara

Cabo Verdean cuisine is skillfully flavored with fresh herbs and spices entailing fresh seafood bought from local fishermen daily.

Hike an active volcano and learn more about the geological features the country has to offer.

Image by Pierre-Yves Burgi


This is Cabo Verde, the land of coladeira, Cesaria Evora, and grogue (local liqueur from sugarcane), just to name a few. 

These are also the islands of concerts and festivals with performances from internationally renowned artists and monthly festivals commemorating saints and celebrating Cabo Verdean culture. Sao Vicente, the island known mostly for its music and culture was the birthplace of Cesaria Evora, one of Cabo Verde’s late musical geniuses’. Visiting this island will give you insight into Cabo Verdean dances, kizomba workshops, musical history, and local artists.

Experience viticulture on a flourishing vineyard on Fogo, the only vineyards located on the coast of West Africa. Tour a coffee factory and learn more about its unique growing process and exclusivity. Learn how to make grogue, a Cabo Verdean liqueur made from local ingredients.  Immerse yourself in the rush of the capital city, Praia, engage with Cabo Verdean cultural and historical experts one on one, give yourself the getaway of laughter and fun.

Soccer at the Beach

An experience that includes exclusive dinners on a vineyard, private boat tours, and African surfers. 


10 days


All Year

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