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Afro Peruvian Cooking Webinar

Join us for an Afro-Peruvian cooking experience with a native of El Carmen, Peru, Maria Fairelough, Founder of Miss Afro Peru and Topaz Smith, EN-NOBLE’s Founder & CEO, for Peru’s most iconic cooking class!




Afro Peruvian Cooking Webinar

About the Event

Peru’s cultural nuances can be found in its diverse music, art and culture as well as its cuisine. In this cooking experience, we will focus on the Afro-Peruvian diaspora, how they have preserved family cuisine traditions orally by passing down recipes to future generations. To this day, you can smell delicious Picarones (deep-fried donuts) and anticuchos (beef marinated in vinegar, sugarcane and Native Andean hot peppers) walking down the streets of Guayabo. Join us in experiencing similar sensory delights, in the comfort of your kitchen, with the flavors of Afro-Peruvian cuisine with the aromas of roasted peanuts, cilantro, salsa criolla, cloves and anise.

This culinary culture is deeply rooted with “hatajo de negritos” (Afro-Peruvian dance performed on Christmas) and Zapateo, traditional dances famously performed by the Ballumbrosio family to celebrate life and build community.The late Amador Ballumbrosio, head of the family, born in 1936, created a cultural center to share Afro-Peruvian identity globally. Currently his 15 children teach Zapateo worldwide and have created a cultural institution in El Carmen Peru. 

For this cooking session, don’t forget your apron and your glass of Chicha Morada*!

*soft drink made from Peru’s famous purple corn

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